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Why We Use Whole Food Supplements

Be In The Know

The body needs the substances it is made of to heal it. Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, protein, water all carry our vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

Whole food supplements include all of the synergistic components to make that food usable to the body.

The body does not recognize synthetic (laboratory made supplements) because they are isolated compounds and not the whole food complex.

Organic Carrots with vitamin and mineral components.

An example of this is the Vitamin C complex. Vitamin C is sold in stores as an isolated compound of ascorbic acid. When in reality the whole food complex of Vitamin C contains ascorbigen bioflavonoid complex, tyrosinase, P, K, J Factors, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. 

Synthetic Vitamins are toxic to the body and cause deficiencies in the body. They are a big part of the reason why there is so much illness and dysfunction in the human body.

When a body is sick it is actually HUNGRY! It's hungry for whole food nutrients to feed the immune system and make it strong.

We recommend and make available professional whole food supplements and educate you on how to take them in order to bring about a healthy body.

vitamin c complex.jpg

To learn more about whole food supplements schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Sandifer or Lexi (360)438-6559.

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