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With laser therapy you will:

  • Increase Mitochondria Function

  • Increase Cellular Repair and healing

  • Increase the Cell's ability to Fight Infection

  • Increase Circulation

  • Increase Oxygen to the Area

Injured in an  Auto Accident? Cold Laser Therapy is a covered benefit!* This is not a guarantee of auto insurance coverage, be sure to check with your insurance company.

Example of cold laser treatment applied to the back.

Thinking about trying a session, but not sure you are ready to commit without trying it?  At Champion Chiropractic Center Inc. we want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to try it out so we are offing a special ONE TIME offer of your first visit is on us!    Limit one free session per person, limited to a 20-minute timespan.

This includes a 5 minute changing time. 

We even offer a rewards program! For every referral of a friend that purchases a laser office visit or package plan, you will receive complimentary laser treatment!


Special Offer

What is Aspen Cold Laser Therapy?


How Does Laser Therapy Work?

When the photons of laser light penetrate the skin and underlying tissue, they are absorbed by the cells and converted into energy. This energy is key to helping the cells to become normal and healthy. As the cell membrane permeability is altered, a cascade of cellular events is triggered including:

  • Stimulation of ATP

  • Stimulation of respiratory chain

  • Increased DNA and RNA synthesis

  • Enhanced collagen synthesis

  • Increased levels of beta-endorphins and serotonin

How many treatments are needed?

Laser therapy produces results quickly, with improvement often within the first treatment. For many acute conditions 5 – 6 treatments are needed. Chronic conditions take longer and might require 6 – 12 treatments. While these are the averages, each person is unique and healing time varies by person and condition. For those with lifelong conditions your doctor may recommend periodic follow-up treatments.

Will it hurt?

There is no pain associated with a treatment and most patients notice a warm, often soothing feeling.

How are laser treatments administered?

Treatments are performed by positioning the laser handpiece either directly on the skin or approximately ½” above the skin and surrounding the area of injury and pain with the laser treatment beam.  Various areas may be treated including:

  • Directly over the site of injury or lesion

  • Acupuncture points

  • Trigger points or tender points

  • Nerve roots or superficial nerve trucks 

Is laser therapy safe without side effects?

Laser therapy has been in use for over thirty years around the world. There have been almost no side effects reported. Occasionally some old injuries or pain syndromes may feel aggravated for a few days, as the healing response becomes more active after a treatment.

Can high intensity laser therapy be used over medical implants or over metal?

Yes, treatments can be safely administered over surgical – medical implants or metal. Since the mechanism of action is photochemical, there is no deep heating involved with the laser treatments. Treatments can be administered post-surgery for faster healing and recovery.

How long will the laser treatment take?

Depending on the condition, treatment times for this drug-free, non-invasive procedure will last on average 5 – 10 minutes but is based on the size of area, depth of penetration needed and condition being treated. 

What advantages does laser light therapy have over other forms of treatment?

Cold Laser Therapy (Low Level Light Therapy LLLT) was cleared by the FDA in 2001 with low power levels and low dosage treatments. Since that time new scientific and clinical discoveries have led to the development of higher power lasers, including the new High Intensity Class IV therapy laser which can provide significantly higher dosage levels, a key for positive clinical outcomes.

Will insurance cover treatments?

Laser therapy may not be covered by insurance plans. If insurance does not cover the cost of treatments, there are affordable payment plans available.

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