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Does my insurance cover this?

With the ever increasing changes in the insurance world, it can be overwhelming and confusing as to what is covered and what is not. We will  bill your insurance out of courtesy for you , but it is your responsibility to be sure you will be covered and know your benefits.  We want to help to help you advocate for yourself and find out your coverage.

Chiropractic Care

What can I do about Chiropractic adjustments? If you would like to schedule an adjustment with us and want to use your medical insurance, please follow these easy to follow guidelines.  Make sure your insurance card is ready when you call. To find the number, turn your card over to the back and the number will be listed for you.  

Functional Nutritional Therapy

As of  2020, Functional Nutritional Therapy is not covered by insurance, but some insurance companies will allow you to use your HSA account to purchase your supplements.  This is your responsibility to track your HSA account and follow the steps requested by the insurance.  

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