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 Muscle Testing For the Healthcare Practitioner Advanced #2

11 CEU


  • Are you interested in fine tuning and improving your Muscle Testing technique to better help you help your clients?

  • Are you ready to go to the next level in your practice and income?

  • This two day class, hosted by Champion Chiropractic Center,  will teach you the Advanced Level 2 muscle testing techniques that allows you to be a better provider.

You will learn:

  1. Brain- Pituitary, Hypothalamus, Spinal Cord, Concussion, TBI

  2. Kidney- High/ Low Blood Pressure, Edema, Infection, Stones

  3. Stomach- Valves, Hiatal Hernia, Pathogens, Reflux/ GERD

  4. Thyroid- Hypo, Hyper, Auto Immune

  5. Immune System- Rooting Out Hidden Infections and Intestinal Issues (IBS/ Lyme/ EBV/ Mold/ Etc.)

  6. Essential Fatty, Vitamins & Minerals

  7. Heavy Metals

This is a hands-on class. You will be working during 2/3rds of the class time. Be prepared.

Check with your association for approval of the 11 CEU Hours

What to bring to the event:

  • You will be responsible for all of your snacks and meals. There are local grocery stores and restaurants nearby.

  • Notebook, highlighter, pen, sticky notes or sticky flags

  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes

  • Parking at our office is free


4 weeks prior to event 100% refund

1 week prior to event 50% refund

Call to Sign Up! (360)438-6559

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